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Charles Ramsey

Charles Ramsey Doesn’t Want Your Charity Burgers

Or any attention at all, actually. No, really. Go away.

Remember how a number of restaurants in the Cleveland area, where Charles Ramsey helped three women escape from their alleged kidnapper, wanted to offer the everyman hero free burgers for life? Well, he wants you to know that not only does he not want those free burgers, but he would really like everyone to stop using his face in their ridiculous marketing campaigns and Internet content. Leave the poor guy alone, people. He's just a guy!

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A Bunch of Restaurants Promise Charles Ramsey Free Burgers for Life, Also Probably Artherosclerosis

Charles Ramsey is going to eat like a king for the rest of his life, provided that kings ate a lot of hamburgers, which I'm pretty sure they did.

Charles Ramsey, the Cleveland man who intervened to help three women escape from the man who allegedly kidnapped them and held them captive for a decade, was famously eating a Big Mac when he was alerted to the crime. Now, in honor of both his heroism and his penchant for burgers, no less than thirteenĀ restaurantsĀ in the region are offering Ramsey free burgers for life.

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