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This Video of the Last Cassette Tape Factory in the U.S. is a Mesmerizing Nostalgia Trip

National Audio Company, which is located in Springfield Missouri, is the last factory in the United States that still manufactures cassette tapes. You'd think they would be on the constant brink of extinction, since their line of work revolves around a defunct form of audio production, but that's not the case. In fact, as the 2015 was their best sales year ever, and 2016 is already on track to be an even stronger year.

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Sony to Supposedly Stop Production on Cassette Player/Recorders Next Month

The cassette tape has certainly already had its time in the spotlight. The heydays of the medium's usage are long since over, and apparently those still making cassette devices are coming to this same realization. Yes, there are still companies out there making these things, but not for long. Sony's apparently going to stop production of their latest cassette player/recorders as of January. If you really want to own one of these suckers, now's probably a good time to buy.

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They Still Make Those? A Little History Behind the Walkman

Yes, they do, in fact, still make those. I was surprised too! Sony even released their newest entry into the Walkman line in Europe just yesterday. The Walkman F800 will be the slimmest ever and will come sporting the Android 4.0 operating system. But where did it all begin? We'll be taking a look at the storied past behind Sony's portable media player and sharing a few of the F800's details after the jump!

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The World’s First Portable Digital Camera, Complete With Cassette Tape

The first portable digital camera was a Frankenstein contraption, created by Steve Sasson and his team at Kodak in 1975, cobbled together from existing Kodak parts and other modern-at-the-time technology. The camera consisted of a Super-8 lens, 16 nickel-cadmium batteries, a charged-coupled device for converting light into digital signals, and, oddly, a digital cassette recorder. The images created consisted of 10,000 pixels, or 0.01 megapixels. For comparison, the camera on the iPhone 4S sports 8 megapixels.

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Tape Decks No Longer Available in Cars

Ahhhh, tapes. Glorious, vintage cassette tapes. I remember the transition from tapes to CDs, then desperately trying to figure out songs that didn't exist on a small, tangible data organizer. (What exactly was I supposed to do with this thumb drive? ... What?) My best guy friend in high school made me a "Sunny Seventeen" mix tape for my birthday that year, complete with a hand cover. (Thanks, Terence.) We would record songs off the radio when our favorite songs came on, as if we'd never hear them again, satisfied with missing the first part of the song and losing the second part of the song to station IDs and annoying DJs. But alas -- 'tis the end of an era. Tape decks in cars are no more.

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