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Second Carnival Ship Loses Power, Begins Poop Cruise II: The Secret of the Ooze

Look, if you're on a cruise, there aren't too many things worse than hitting an iceberg. That still takes the cake, but there are some things worth avoiding, if you can help it. Like being dead in the water for days without power, as we've seen before. But at this point -- with so many malfunctions -- shouldn't we all just expect it? Fool me once, and all that? So the problem is us, not them. For example, Carnival Cruise Lines just had another power -- and sanitation! -- problem with one of its ships in the Caribbean. When toilets stop working on a vessel with more than four thousand passengers, unpleasantness will ensue.

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Brown Christmas: Norovirus Hits Two Holiday Cruises Sickening 400

Considering the the stress that can be involved in flying across the country braving baggage claims, TSA lines, and winter weather, it's not surprising that to some people, a nice long Caribbean cruise seems like the perfect antidote to the traditional travails of the holidays. Of course, those cruises aren't without their own hazards -- case in point, the 400 people sickened with what appears to be nausea- and diarrhea-inducing norovirus on two recent holiday cruises. All of a sudden, sitting through yet another round of Mom's favorite holiday pastime -- "When are you going to meet someone nice and settle down?" -- doesn't sound so bad.

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