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Lord in Internet Heaven Save Us Once More, Boxxy is Back Again [Video]

The infamous, rambly Boxxy has reappeared, posting a video that is a response to claims that she was hacked, letting her Internet court know that it was not her, and she remains safe. The last time Boxxy made an appearance after an elongated departure from the Internet, she wasn't in her rambly Boxxy character, but seemed to be herself, delivering a genuine message that wasn't staged and passing through the lips of a faux crazy person. Luckily (or unluckily), she dons the now-iconic eyeliner, and delivers this new message the character Boxxy herself, so expect a bunch of insanity -- and don't worry, the conversation quickly strays from the rumored hack and moves on to such vital topics as her hair and fingernails, kitties and planes, and she says "um" no less than one billion times.

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Lord in Internet Heaven Save Us, Boxxy is Back

For the uninitiated, or for those who are generally safe from Internet Happenings, Boxxy is a girl who posted rambly videos on the Internet a couple years ago and, due to the somewhat adorable, somewhat annoying, seemingly forced, over-exaggerrated personality she exudes, she became an Internet phenomenon, largely supported (going so far as being called their queen) and hated by Internet forum 4chan. Her supporters and detractors were so fervent in their beliefs that the situation between the two parties ended up crashing 4chan. In an odd move after becoming Internet-famous, she actually bowed out of the limelight, until a few months ago when she posted an auction of an InuYasha bag on eBay.

Since her eBay venture, all was quiet on the digital front--until now. On January 10, 2011, Boxxy posted the above video with a title that some may perceive to be a dire warning: "Things are about to get intense."

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