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These Wonder Woman Bloopers Are So Good and Pure

Even when world events seem at their bleakest, humanity must've done something right for us to have Gal Gadot.

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The Flash Season One Blooper Reel Is Here

Watch the cast of The Flash break into giggles over dropped props, missed lines, out-of-character dance sequences, and a rubber mask that just won't come off in the first season's gag reel.

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“Fart in My Mouth and Prove It”: The Arrow Season Three Blooper Reel Has Arrived

Calm down, Barrowman.

Season 3 of Arrow might have come with some somber surprises, but it seems like the cast didn't take themselves (or each other) too seriously.

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Final Parks and Recreation Blooper Reel Looks at All 7 Seasons, Is Farty and Emotional

We miss you in the saddest fashion.

The Season 7 gag reel for Parks and Rec is now up on Youtube, and it's as beautiful as a chestnut-haired sunfish.

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New Game of Thrones Season 4 Blooper Reel has 100% More Ser Pounce

All hail Gwendoline Christie's infectious laugh.

In addition to the Season 4 blooper reel fans got to see last summer at SDCC, attendees at an exhibition in London were recently treated to some more goofball antics from Game of Thrones' cast. Oberyn falling down the stairs. I just can't.

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Guardians of the Galaxy Did Not Leave Rocket Raccoon and Groot Out Of Their Blooper Reel

Ooh, child.

What's that, you say? Rocket Raccoon and Groot are CGI inventions that don't exist in reality and the animators probably created this gag for fun? NO I WILL NOT HEAR IT THEY ARE AS REAL AS SANTA CLAUS.

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Anthony Mackie Wins The Captain America: The Winter Soldier Blooper Reel


To celebrate the blu-ray and DVD release of Marvel’s Captain America: The Winter Soldier (out now!) here's a peek at its blooper reel. Fair warning: Anthony Mackie is adorably hilarious. Even Chris Evans thinks so. But click ahead to watch Cap and Black Widow try to be SUPER SRS too.

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Star Trek Into Darkness Bloopers Have Surprisingly Less Darkness In Them

Star Trek Into... Levity?

IGN just put out this exclusive set of bloopers from the Star Trek: The Compendium Blu-ray set of both J.J. Abrams-directed films. Say what you want about the movie (we have), its unfortunate Khan reveal (we did), and its odd objectification of its female characters (yup, that too), but damn it if these are those most adorkable actors all hanging out with each other and we just want to love them so.

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Robot Gymnast Isn’t the Superstar We Thought In This Blooper Reel (But It’s Still Adorable)

PHEW. So we've got a reprieve before the robopocalypse.

Any gymnast knows you're going to fall down a lot before you perfect a jump and stick the landing. We didn't think that kind of thing applied to robots, but apparently it does. That's good, because we were pretty worried that Hinametatu's bot was going to put all those Olympic athletes out of a job. Luckily it's still got some kinks to work out.

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Here’s the Relatively Spoiler-Free Lego Movie Blooper Reel You Never Knew You Wanted

Everything is awesome!

The Lego Movie is basically a masterpiece of modern cinema, but that doesn't mean every take went right on the first try. "But Geekosystem," you're probably saying, "this can't be an authentic blooper reel. It's CGI! They probably made all of this stuff  up to try to be funny." Well, it is funny, so calm your LEGO bits over there.

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Here, Have a Gag Reel From Thor: The Dark World

We can only imagine how great the Derp Edition trailer will be.

This gag reel from the blu-ray of Thor: The Dark World definitely makes one thing clear to us: as cool as capes are, they can also be distracting in a fight. Like, very distracting. Also, ravens don't give a flying eff about anything, dark elves are all about bouncing up and down, and Chris O'Dowd is the actual best.

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The Avengers Trailer, Made With Gag Reel Footage [VIDEO]

What do you mean it's not 2012 anymore? Whatever. OneMinuteGalactica, he of the Star Wars blooper trailer, is back to work his magic with The Avengers trailer, and I'm not complaining. (via: Blastr) Are you following The Mary Sue on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, & Google +?

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The Star Wars: Derp Edition Trailer Is The Best-Ever Use Of Blooper Footage

Star Wars: Derp Edition is also the technical name for Phantom Menace, isn't that right?

Last week, we told you about the never-before-seen Star Wars bloopers that had been making their way around the internet. Well, the folks over at Slacktory took that blooper footage and edited it together into a new trailer for Star Wars where everyone is hilariously awful.

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These Never-Before-Seen Star Wars Bloopers Are Basically The Best Thing Ever [Video]

We're just going to watch these on a constant look for the rest of the week, okay?

Man, it is really jarring to see Alec Guinness break character right next to Chewbacca. And look at baby Mark Hamill trying to pronounce things!... Oh, what's that? You haven't seen the new gag reel footage from Star Wars that somehow made it onto the web yesterday? Because it's basically all we can talk about now. You'd best catch up.

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Next Generation Blooper Reel Contains At Least One Incident of Captain Picard Walking Into a Door

Make It So

A set of .gifs ripped from this video have been floating around my Tumblr dash lately, so I'm glad the actual video has now surfaced and I can share it with you. As one friend pointed out to me, flubbed lines and bloopers present a little bit less frustration nowadays with digital filming. In the days of Next Gen, however, each one represented not just some extra time to film the scene, but a tiny bit of wasted, expensive film stock. That might help explain how when you hear the behind the camera crew chime in, they're not quite as amused. (via io9.)

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The Newest Version of Android Dislikes The Holidays, Doesn’t Include December

The end of the year can a be a very lonely time for a smartphone. When the holidays roll around, people tend to get together with their families and speak to each other in person, so the phones just sit there in their owners' pockets or on a table somewhere. Well, after years of abuse, Android-based phones have decided they aren't going to take it anymore. As a sign of protest, (or because of unforeseen bug) Android Jelly Bean 4.2 skips the month of December, 2012 in certain apps.

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Leaked Taliban Mailing List Reveals Media Contacts, but No Cat GIFs

Sending an inappropriately revealing email to the wrong person is the working adult equivalent of that high school nightmare where you show up to school naked: It's something you're pretty sure you'll never do, but thinking about the idea just stresses you out. Unfortunately for some of us, making a mistake while writing an email is much easier to do than leaving the house without figuring that you're naked. Taliban spokesman Qari Yousuf Ahmedi learned that the hard way yesterday when he sent a press release that accidentally outed his entire mailing list.

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These Lion King Bloopers Will Warm Even The Coldest Of Hearts


Truth be told, it probably takes hours upon hours to record the script for a 2 hour animated film. Ever wonder what happens between takes that make the final cut? Here's a video of Lion King bloopers that were recorded and later animated for our enjoyment -- in other words, here is possibly the best thing you'll see on the Internet today. You can thank me later. (via Panther Grace.)

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Tim Schafer to Do AMA on March 4, Perfects Acting in Kickstarter Blooper Video

Hi, Internet. We felt a great way to start your morning would be with hilarity and some good news. 2 Player Productions has released the outtakes from Tim Schafer's Kickstarter video -- you know the one, where he was hilarious and it helped raise a bunch of money and broke Kickstarter records? As an added bonus, at the end of the outtakes video, it is announced that Tim Schafer will be doing a reddit AMA on Sunday, March 4, at 1PM PST (4PM EST). Now that you have plans for Sunday afternoon, head on past the break and check out the outtakes video, and learn that Tim Schafer is funny even when he's messing up being funny.

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Things We Saw Today: A Wonder Woman Skirt We Wish We had

Things We Saw Today

And I never wear skirts. Or, like, want to wear them. (Hanie Mohd)

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