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The Story of Lani Sarem & Her Handbook for Mortals Is Peak White Entitlement

Lani Sarem's underdog narrative isn't just false, but it attempts to steal the spotlight from an actual marginalized voice telling an important story.

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Things We Saw Today: The Terrible, Horrible, No-Good, Very Bad, Viral Dating Ad

A man named Nate set up a long and rambling website that lays out his search for the perfect woman and the extremely specific requirements that he's looking for (and exactly what he doesn't want in a romantic match). The site went viral, because it is bonkers.

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The New York Times Stops Showing Comics Love, Suspends Graphic Novel Bestseller Lists

Remember that time when The New York Times said that "comics have finally joined the mainstream" when they introduced their "Graphic Books Best Seller Lists?" Yeah, apparently they don't consider graphic novels mainstream enough for them anymore.

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Crowdsourced Erotic Novel Hits #4 On iTunes, Trolls

Brian Brushwood and Justin Young, hosts of the NSFW podcast, have a $0.99 novel at #4 on the iTunes Top Paid Books chart, and they didn't even have to write a single word of it. The secret to their publishing success is incredibly simple, and truly depressing.

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