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Sweet Mustache, Bro! These Toads Grow Spikes on Their Lips to Fight and Mate

Most mustaches won't help you fight or mate. These mustaches do both.

Generally speaking, toads and other amphibians are pretty peaceful. Except for Battletoads. They're brutal. When they do fight, it's pretty much just for show. That's what makes Emei mustache toads unique. They actually fight. That, and the fact that they have mustaches which are what they fight with. My mustache feels so useless right now.

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Ousted Groupon Founder To Release Album Of Motivational Music

Would you take career advice from a guy who responded to his last firing with a memo about Battletoads?

Good news, fans of music that inspires career success! Groupon founder Andrew Mason is due to release an album of motivational songs on Tuesday, July 2nd. The album, called Hardly Workin', will come out on iTunes and Spotify "just in time for American audiences to incorporate into Fourth of July festivities," according to Mason's announcement. It's the perfect album for people who want to spend their 4th of July off from work listening to music about work, written by a guy who doesn't work.

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Hot Four-Way Action! Stick Your NES, SNES, Genesis, and GBA Cartridges in the RetroN 4

You kids can all get excited for the PlayStation 4 and the next Xbox, but I'm pumped for this thing. Hyperkin has announced their RetroN 4 console that plays NES, SNES, Game Boy Advance, and Sega Genesis cartridges, though sadly not all at once. It's an upgrade from the RetroN 3, and besides adding Game Boy Advance games into the mix, Hyperkin has made a few additional improvements. It will be like a fifth grade sleepover every day of your life.

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Groupon CEO’s Farewell Letter Battletoads Reference Explained

Much has been written about former Groupon CEO Andrew Mason's farewell letter to the company. The man was fired from the company he helped found, and that's never something that lends itself to a cheerful departure. Even so, his parting shot comes off as rather amiable. Even better? Mason made a hilariously obscure reference to the Battletoads video game. He specifically calls out one level, but most folks don't seem to understand the implications of this.

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See Some of the Dumbest Ways to Die in Video Games in New Parody

Even though the original is only a few weeks old, we've already seen a few parodies of "Dumb Ways to Die." Up until now our favorite one feature the Curiosity rover, but that was until we saw this one. If there's anything that can unseat science in our hearts it's video games. Here we have a compilation by YouTube user Megasteakman of some of the dumbest, and most infuriating ways to die in video games. The Battletoads line hits close to home. We know that feel, bro.

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