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This Video Of A Cuttlefish Hunting At Night Will Make You Love Them More Than You Already Should

Is it bad that I kind of want to cuddle a cuttle?

Cuttlefish are undoubtedly the coolest thing in the entire ocean. Not only do they have green blood, three hearts (take that, Doctor), and crazy camouflage, but they're also amazing hunters. Recently, underwater photographer Dustin Adamson hung out with a cuttlefish for a night in the Philippines, and captured this amazing footage.

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Science Has Figured Out The Mystery Of Flying Snakes, Oh Also Snakes Can Fly

How do you say, "Flying snakes will kill everything you love" in Parseltongue?

In case you were sleeping well at night, not at all afraid of giant serpents slingshotting through your bedroom window - surprise! There are a whole bunch of snakes that can fly, and we've had no idea how. Luckily, these snakes are mostly in Southest Asia, and scientists have just figured out their secret. It's not Slytherin-related. Probably.

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Strapping Tiny Cameras To Falcons Lets You Experience Flight Like You Are A Hardcore Bird Of Prey

They used tiny bird hats and tiny bird backpacks, everything about this is amazing.

Falcons are awesome, and not just the Captain/Millennium versions. These intense air predators have some serious skills when it comes to dive-bombing their prey from above; and, in order to find out exactly how falcons do what they do, physicists strapped tiny cameras to their faces. For science!

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Biologist Determines Your Cat Just Thinks Of You As Another Large, Clumsy Cat

Surprising no one?

Cats are majestic, graceful, adorable assholes. They sit around all day disdainfully, while you feed and clean them. The cat-human relationship is complicated and delicate; but, as it turns out, your cat doesn't think of your relationship that way at all. Instead, they just think of you as a large, boring cat who exists to take care of their needs.

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Goats Form Accents Based on the Hip Goats They Hang Around

Conventional scientific wisdom has held that most mammals make vocalizations based on one thing, and one thing only: Genetics. Unless the creature uses its voice to communicate or navigate -- as is the case with bats, whales, and good ol' Homo sapiens -- a mammal will sound the same no matter where it comes from. A U.K. sheep will be the same as a Utah sheep, and so on. However, a new study looking at (adorable) pygmy goat kids suggests that this might not be the case, and that the voices of mammals are far more flexible then we thought.

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