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There’s a Kickstarter To Fund a Coffee and Tea-Brewing Alarm Clock

I'll take one, please.

Does the idea of waking up to the smell of freshly brewing coffee or tea sound overly appealing to you? Well, fortunately there's a company out there who wants to appeal to the idea of us all waking up a little more pleasantly--and they've got a Kickstarter to fund the goal.

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Save up to 20% on Running, Jumping Alarm Clocks from The Mary Sue Store

Timey wimey, etc.

Is your alarm clock running? Then you better go catch it? MWAHAHHAH but seriously, folks, we've got two alarm clocks—Clocky and Tocky—that are about to transform your life (or at least your morning) at The Mary Sue Deals.

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Jedi Training Remote Alarm Clock Is Made To Be Force Thrown

Sure, you can have dreams about being a Jedi, but they'll be gone as soon as you wake up. If you have the Jedi Training Remote alarm clock, however, you can extend the fantasy for those 2 or 3 seconds that you're flailing around, trying to stop that ringing noise. No, the Jedi Training Remote alarm won't shock you, but it does have another interesting feature; you turn it off by flinging it at a wall. It's made from foam rubber so it can withstand the impact and it lets you get out a little bit of that "It's morning and I'm waking up and that's terrible" aggression.

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Clever Alarm Clock Forces You to Play Tetris to Prove You are Awake

Battling the issue of pushover alarm clocks that simply give up attempting to wake their owners whenever said owners smash the snooze button, Instructables member nolte919 created an alarm clock that is not only persistant in attempting to get one out of bed, but does not allow an infinite cycle of hitting snooze and falling back asleep for a few minutes, and requires the snoozer to pass a test of Tetris before it shuts off.

The clock's alarm has a user-defined snooze limit that, once reached, will not turn off until the snoozer clears four lines in a round of Tetris. The snoozer can silence the alarm for thirty seconds while playing Tetris, but if the game doesn't detect input for thirty seconds -- a period of time that isn't long enough for a successful snooze -- the alarm will sound and the process will start over. The alarm is clever in that it is persistent and also requires a snoozer to prove they are coherent before shutting off, something a snoozer probably wouldn't be able to do if they're stuck in the infinite loop of napping and smashing the snooze button. Head on past the break to see a video of the alarm clock in action.

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This Cat is a Jerk Alarm Clock [Video]

This alarm clock probably doesn't come with a humane snooze button.

(via BuzzFeed)

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