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Save up to 20% on Running, Jumping Alarm Clocks from The Mary Sue Store

Timey wimey, etc.

138aa6c341a62aff705a45a172bda726eb134d35_main_hero_imageIs your alarm clock running? Then you better go catch it? MWAHAHHAH but seriously, folks, we’ve got two alarm clocks—Clocky and Tocky—that are about to transform your life (or at least your morning) at The Mary Sue Deals.

First, there’s the Clocky for $34.99. This little jerk makes it impossible to reach over and hit the snooze—because it runs and jumps away from you when it’s time to wake up. Complete with a super-annoying beep, Clocky doesn’t care whether you rise and shine or rise and scowl…just that you rise on time.

If you prefer to start your day by dancing your face off, grab the Tocky for $39.99. This one runs and jumps, too, all while playing up to two hours of MP3s—yeah, that’s the entirety of 1989, TWICE. You can even record up to six hours of personal wake-up messages to play instead, but if you need all six hours you might want to look into a sleep clinic instead of a new alarm clock.

Don’t worry, both the Clocky and the Tocky can be used as a conventional alarm clock as well. Get the Clocky for $34.99 and the Tocky for $39.99 at The Mary Sue Deals.


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