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The Netflix Vs. Hollywood Battle Continues with Assistance from the Department of Justice

Will this ever cease?

A coming meeting with the Academy board threatens Netflix's eligibility to submit films for Oscar consideration.

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Avengers, Save Us From a Hostless Oscars Ceremony!

Just gimme Bucky.

Avengers: ASSEMBLE!!!!! It's time you save Earth from its greatest threat yet: a hostless night at the Oscars! According to The Hollywood Reporter, the rumors are that the Avengers may be joining together to host the Academy Awards this year. Which...that doesn't seem like a bad idea at all since it isn't like there are a million and one ways Mark Ruffalo can spoil it?

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Kevin Hart Steps Down as Oscar Host After Academy Ultimatum

Well, looks like we'll get a new host this year.

Maybe Andy Samberg and Sandra Oh will wow us so much at the Golden Globes that they'll get tapped for the big show?

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I’m Not Here For Takes About Why Blockbusters Don’t Deserve Oscars

Just stop, please.

Instead of just honoring the ones we deem to be appropriately Oscar-y enough, we should actually take a serious look at what films and performances demand recognition.

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Disney Is Right to Keep Oscars Focus on Black Panther Over Infinity War

2019 will be T'Challa's year. The Avengers can wait.

Last night, IndieWire ran a piece titled "Avengers: Infinity War Is Only Being Campaigned for One Oscar as Disney Wisely Prioritizes Black Panther," which revealed that the popular superhero event flick would only be under consideration for Best Visual Effects.

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The Academy’s “Popular Film” Category Remains as Frustrating as Ever

I'm still so gosh darn mad about this!

Every time I think about the Academy's newest category, it's an instant dose of rage, complete with the urge to write a myriad of think pieces on why this is a patently bad idea. The abundance of other think pieces on the subject have served as a deterrent, but today my frustrations know no bounds. So, dear readers, let's talk about my two biggest fears and frustrations with this new category, because there are pretty much two ways it can go.

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Watch Out, Wonder Woman Is Coming for ALL the Oscars

This is still in rumor territory, but exciting enough that I don't mind speculating: Variety is reporting an "exclusive" source who claims Warner Bros. is currently discussing the possibility of a full-throated Oscar campaign for Wonder Woman.

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Viola Davis Just Made Long-Overdue History for Black Women with Her Third Oscar Nomination

Viola Davis has just made Academy Award history with the announcement of her nomination for Best Supporting Actress in Fences. She's the first black woman to have ever earned three Oscar nominations, which is a stunning accomplishment in and of itself, even if she doesn't go on to win the award in question.

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Loving’s Ruth Negga Says She’s “Humbled” By Her Oscar Nomination

Actress Ruth Negga speaks out about her Oscar nomination.

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Kubo and the Two Strings Filmmakers “Over the Moon” About Their Oscar Nominations

Kubo and the Two Strings received some Oscar love with two nominations: Best Animated Feature and Best Visual Effects.

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Things We Saw Today: Jessica Williams’ Speech About Racist Gatekeeping at the Sundance Women’s March

Jessica Williams attended one of the many Women's March events around the globe this past weekend, and someone took video of part of the speech that she delivered.

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27 Animation Features Submitted for Oscars Consideration Severely Lacking in Female Directors

While there are many amazing women and girls at the center of this season's animated movies like Moana or Zootopia, the fight for a 2017 Oscar nomination is indicative of a problem behind the camera.

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