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The End Is Nigh: Flappy 2048 Exists

There is no curse in Elvish, Entish, or the tongues of Men for this treachery.

You know what the most frustrating, addicting game in the world needs? To get mashed up with the other most frustrating, addicting game in the world. Enter Flappy 2048, a game of unspeakable power that will surely bring us all and in the darkness bind us.

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The People Who Invented Threes Are Very Sad You Like 2048 More

You could say they're not hAPPy.

You've probably heard of the addictive game 2048, which has recently taken the Internet by storm and is ruining everyone's productivity. You've probably also heard of 1024, the game upon which 2048 is based. But have you heard of Threes, the game that 1024 is based on? Probably not, and Three's developers kind of hate that.

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Listen to The Geekosystem Podcast Episode 23 “Moonrabelia”

Moonrabelia (n) - Any object brought back from the moon as a souvenir.

We mix up the format a bit this week due to a scheduling conflict, so we kick things off with Editors' Picks andĀ thenĀ we argue about other stuff. Hear what we have to say about astronaut penis sizes, The Winter Soldier, suspicious Moon cameras, and more topics on this week's show.

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