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Loki Featurette on Sylvie Gives Us Our First Look at Young Sylvie

Lady Loki variant of Loki (or maybe not?) on Marvel and Disney+'s Loki.

**Spoilers for Loki episode 3 “Lamentis” lie ahead.**

We met Sylvie during the second episode of Loki, when Loki asked her to reveal herself after she continued to enchant the people in a store during the end of the world. The variant of the god of mischief who we’ve come to love was hunting down TVA agents when Loki ruined her plan to overthrow the TVA as a whole and threw them onto Lamentis-1 in episode 3, “Lamentis.” On a planet doomed for destruction, Loki and Sylvie were trying to find their way back to the TVA with a Tempad that Loki would go on to accidentally break.

But we got a pretty good look at who Sylvie is in “Lamentis,” and her connection to Loki. The difference between the two (other than the fact that she calls herself Sylvie now) is that Loki’s family isn’t something Sylvie knows anything about. She knew she was adopted at a young age, unlike our Loki, and now, in a new featurette, we get to learn a bit more about her from Tom Hiddleston, Kate Herron, and Sylvie herself: Sophie Di Martino!

One of the most notable things about this is that Sylvie was a child when the TVA took her. In the clips, she’s no more than ten years old while being led through the TVA. So, her knowledge of the Time Variance Authority isn’t something she learned recently. She’s been in this fight against them for quite some time, and Loki swooping in has disrupted the plan she’s set in motion.

Her “plan” was messy, and Loki even pointed that out, but she has still dedicated her life to stopping the TVA, and I don’t fully believe that they are really on Lamentis-1 at all. Sylvie could be enchanting Loki and tricking him into believing that they’re on this mission together. After all, she did prove to him that she could enchant someone whose mind is stronger than average. But what’s fun about this featurette is that we get a look into her history for what it is, as far as we can tell—no tricks or mischief, just the history of who Sylvie is and how she came to be enemy number 1 of the TVA. It probably doesn’t help the TVA and their dark history that they arrested a child Sylvie.

I’m excited to learn more about Sylvie and her history in the upcoming episode of Loki. I don’t think she’s a villain, much in the same way that Loki isn’t, but I don’t think she can fully be trusted yet. Has she enchanted Loki? Was her explanation of how she could still enchant a stronger mind a hint that Loki himself is being enchanted and they aren’t really on Lamentis-1? Or is she really just trying to escape with him? Hopefully, we’ll see this week, but until then, I can’t wait to see baby Sylvie and her fight against the TVA!

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