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Angry Swedish Teenagers Riot Over Instagram Sext Account

Sometimes riots happen. Sometimes Swedish teenagers send sexy pictures to each other. Sometimes riots happen because Swedish teenagers send sexy pictures to each other. That’s what happened when a group teenagers swarmed the school of a girl accused of posting sexy pictures on Instagram. The riot also spilled over to a local mall, scaring unwitting holiday shoppers. Rioting teenagers in a mall is exactly what old people at malls are afraid of.

So far at least 27 people involved with the riot have been arrested in Gothenburg, Sweden. The teens went after a girl they believed had started an Instagram account that asked people to anonymously send photos of young girls from the area and any sex acts they’ve been involved with.

The teens started a group on Facebook encouraging one another to go to the school to confront the girl. Police knew about the group and were already on the scene when the mob of teenagers arrived, but things quickly escalated with bottles and rocks being thrown at officers.

There are a lot of lessons to learn from this story.

  1. Don’t ask people to send you photos of underage girls for any reason.
  2. If someone asks you for pictures of underage girls, don’t send any.
  3. If you do, don’t list sex acts you think that girl has performed.
  4. Don’t post those pictures online.
  5. Don’t riot.
  6. If you do riot, don’t start a Facebook group alerting the police to your riot.

All of these things, in general, are a bad idea.

(via The Local, image via eldeeem)

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