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Welcome to the Hallowed Halls of Suspicious Vans

In my childhood, I lived among legends. Growing up in the early 1990s, massive vans resplendent with airbrushed starships, flaming wizards, and demonic vixens still plied the roads of South Eastern Michigan. Sadly, those days are gone, and the once proud painted vans have given way to their foul cousins: The suspicious van.

Fortunately, Suspicious Vans has arrived to provide a singular clearing house of the most unseemly looking vans the world has to offer. There are homemade ice cream trucks, poorly worded clown mobiles, and broken down junkers that should have seen the scrap heap years ago. They’ve even taken the time to include a Hall of Fame, and an insightful guide to what, exactly, makes a Suspicious Van.

Curious for a taste of what Suspicious Vans has to offer? Why, just read on below.

(Suspicious Vans via Neatorama)

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