Anthony Mackie Didn’t Know Falcon Was An Avenger Until He Saw Age of Ultron

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Anthony Mackie knew that Falcon would be helping the Avengers in Age of Ultron, but apparently, he had no idea that his character had been promoted to a full-fledged team member until he saw the movie. That’s because Mackie didn’t get a copy of the script ahead of time (via Superhero Hype):

When they asked me to do Avengers they sent me two scenes. There are two hours and seven minutes around those two scenes, but I never got to read it… When we were at the premiere, I was like “cool. I’m with my son and he gets to see his daddy in two scenes in The Avengers.” By the end of the movie, I turn around and they’re like “Avengers Assemble!” I’m like, “HOLY S**T! I’M AN AVENGER!” So I turn around to everybody with me and they were like, “Dude! You’re a f***in’ Avenger! This is f***in’ amazing.”

You’d think someone would’ve told him on the day of the shoot, but it all went by too quick.

I had no idea. I flew in, Chris and Scarlett are up top and the rest of us are standing there. It was like ‘Cut. Anthony fly in. Action. Hrm-hrm-hrm. Cut. Alright, thanks!’ That was pretty much it. Six months later you go to a premiere and you s**t yourself.

Marvel Studios probably wanted to keep all possible plot points under wraps — and Mackie doesn’t sound too disappointed about the surprise. Sounds like he has more than just a cameo in Civil War:

I think moreso in this one that I didn’t get to do before is become my own person. Now everyone knows who I am, so it’s not “Who’s the flying guy?” It’s more, ‘Hey, Falcon’s here.’ You get to see my relationship with everyone else has grown as opposed to being the new guy on the team.

Becoming part of the team means making fun of everyone else on the team, of course!

Vision is by far the easiest person to make fun of. He’s always a good target. Vision is definitely my one guy because he’s easy to make fun of. And Tony Stark. I don’t know why everybody thinks Tony’s cool, and Tony thinks he’s really cool, but Falcon just thinks he’s a nerd. And not like a cool millennium nerd… I’m talking about a 1985 nerd.

I’m being used strategically to ask the audience’s questions… So when Scarlet Witch is all (moves his hands around), I’m like, “You saw that? Right. Just making sure you f***in’ saw that.” Scarlet Witch and her crazy rave baby technique and Ant-Man and him riding an ant. Alright, cool.

That joke Mackie made about Tony made me realize that Civil War is essentially Jocks vs Nerds: The Movie. Okay, not exactly, but kinda. Sounds like Falcon will be the one delivering most of the jokes, at least on Team Cap.

(via Newsarama, image via Movie Pilot)

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