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A Surprise Cameo In Aquaman Brings Up A Lot Of Questions, Like … A Lot A Lot

Jason Momoa as Aquaman in Justice League (2017)

**This article contains spoilers for the movie Aquaman. Swim through this article at your own risk. Get it? Because he’s in the ocean?**

Aquaman hits theaters this weekend and everyone can finally start talking about this James Wan creation. Telling the story of Arthur Curry, we get to see the origin story of the man who looked at Bruce Wayne and said, “Dressed like a bat, I dig it.” That being said, the movie is wild, for lack of a better term.

So, if you’ve seen Aquaman, you know that you have a lot of questions about what you just watched. If you have questions that are easy to answer, you can go check out our review on the film! But then again, there are some more pressing questions that don’t make sense and even if you think you know the answer to them, you probably don’t.

The one question that I want to focus on here is why is Julie Andrews essentially one of the Kaiju from Pacific Rim? I wish I was joking with you, but I’m not. Basically, to get to the trident that Arthur needs to be the one true king of Atlantis, he must retrieve the weapon from its place in a mystical sea.

When he gets there, an ominous voice begins to talk to him and, when you stop and listen to it, you realize that it is Mary Poppins herself, Julie Andrews. Within full view of this creature, you see that she basically looked like this:

And yeah, maybe this was an intention call out to the Kaiju? Because there are also call outs to Jurassic Park and the Indiana Jones series (we can’t be sure but like … come on, they’re in the desert looking for an artifact and then there are literal dinosaurs). The thing about Julie’s cameo as “the Karathen” is that you instantly want to do whatever she says. And we loved that the biggest, baddest monster of the ocean turns out to be female. This casting was unorthodox, yet it is also a stroke of genius.

She basically shows up, tells Arthur he isn’t worthy and, any lesser being would have said “you know, you’re right” but Arthur Curry goes in and succeeds and gets Julie Andrews, the Kaiju, on his side. Literally, he uses Julie Andrews as his ride into the battle.

Does it make sense? No. Does it make sense that Dame Julie Andrews chose to voice a creature of the sea in Aquaman? Definitely not. Is it awesome? Oh yes. It makes for one of the best parts of Aquaman, even if we were confused and amazed to hear her. How did this come about? Well, Vanity Fair has some answers on how the “delightfully bonkers” casting came to be:

Andrews’s choice to play a giant sea creature, rather than cameo in Mary Poppins Returns, might strike some as surprising. But Andrews opted not to appear in Disney’s newly imagined Poppins romp because she wanted it to be very clear that that film was Emily Blunt’s show. And so, she has now taken to the sea instead.

Aquaman is in theaters now. Please go see this movie so we can all talk about it and try and figure out some more things. Like … why is Patrick Wilson riding an alligator? Can we talk about that?

(image: Warner Bros.)

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