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Surgeon Simulator Is Officially Coming to the PS4

Nurse, hand me that—wait, never mind. It's already halfway across the room.


Good news for people who love it when everything goes horribly wrong! Surgeon Simulator, the game that will make you very glad that not just anyone is allowed to be a doctor, is getting transplanted to the Playstation 4.

Basically the the QWOP of medical games, Surgeon Simulator places you in the role of a heart surgeon who may or may not have had their cerebellum permanently removed, leaving you pretty much incapable of any meaningful hand-eye coordination or unconscious movement. Your job is to transplant a new heart into your patient by very deliberately controlling each individual finger and bone in your hand, which each correspond to a different button on the PC keyboard.

Of course, just describing Surgeon Simulator isn’t enough to really get the full visceral experience. You need to see it in action. This is kind of what it’s like:

If individual manual finger control was your favorite part of this game, however, then get ready for disappointment: for the PS4 port, game developers Bossa Studios have decided to move that particular feature to two shoulder buttons on the dual-shock controller instead. Apparently the former was “a bit too clumsy even for Surgeon Simulator.” Jesus. I shudder to think of just how uncoordinated the hypothetical surgeon might have been.

“We genuinely believe that this version of the game is even funnier that earlier versions of Surgeon Simulator,” a representative from Bossa wrote on the Playstation blog. “Something about seeing vital organs flying around a bigger screen while you relax on the sofa really strikes us as hilarious – having your whole body involved with it really adds to the physical comedy of the game.”

(via Playstation blog)

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