Peter Capaldi's 12th Doctor wearing a reindeer antler headband for Christmas

Is a Caped Crusader Joining the Doctor in the Doctor Who Christmas Special?

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After a long, Who-less dry spell, we’ll finally be getting some new Doctor Who this December in the form of an annual Christmas special. This time, while the Doctor won’t have his usual interim companion, there will be the appearance of a character from the previous Christmas special, as well as a special guest…who may or may not be a superhero we know.

According to the Radio Times, Matt Lucas will be reprising his role as Nardole, whom you may remember from last year’s “The Husbands of River Song” as River Song’s assistant who ends up having his head attached to a robot body (if you haven’t seen it, don’t ask). The Radio Times quotes a source as saying, “The Doctor won’t have a temporary companion this Christmas and essentially that space will be taken by Nardole. He’s not a companion as such but it’s not as if he doesn’t play a similar role.”

But even cooler than that is the news that actor Justin Chatwin (War of the Worlds, Shameless) will be playing a “superhero character.” Now, Steven Moffat, who wrote the episode, is a big comics fan, and Doctor Who has appeared in comics form at several publishers, including Marvel, so this could mean any number of interesting possibilities. While the identity of Chatwin’s character is heavily under wraps, “It is expected that he will portray a brash figure with an American accent – and in all likelihood a few dark interstellar secrets of one sort or another.”

Brash figure? American accent? Interstellar? Possible Marvel Universe affiliation? Dare I say we might have a Time Lord/Star Lord team-up?


Come on. You know that would be both amazing and hilarious.

They don’t seem to be very forthcoming about who this character is, so we’re just going to have to guess until Christmas. Which superhero do you think will be making an appearance on Doctor Who?

(via HitFix, image via BBC America)

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