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Supergirl Season 2 Will Set Up Tension Between Kara’s Two Families

It seems like it'll be in line with what the reason of the season will mean for Supergirl.

In case you haven’t heard: Superman is finally showing up (for real) on Supergirl as the show kicks off the beginning of its second season on a new network. (I’m being sarcastic, of course, because I’m pretty sure even those people who don’t watch this show know that Superman is coming. But you should totally watch this show–it’s on Netflix now and everything.)

We’d seen hints and glimpses of the Man of Steel prior–whether from a distance or a very memorable angle of the Superboots in the background when he was felled by Myriad–but this time, he’s going to be more than just a voice of encouragement via Kara’s instant messages, and that’s going to lead to some tension between Superman, who represents one half of what Kara considers her family, and her adoptive sister Alex Danvers.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, executive producer Andrew Kreisberg said that Alex is going to have a little bit of concern about Clark showing up in Kara’s life after being somewhat absent for the majority of her early years on Earth:

“Alex has a little bit of a chip on her shoulder about Clark. She loves him and he’s family, but he left Kara on their doorstep. Kara is so excited to see Clark and so excited to be with him, it’s almost a little bit like Alex feels taken for granted, because she’s the family member who’s put in the time. It sets up an interesting conflict between her and Kara in the first couple of episodes.”

As far as Alex’s conflict goes, it’s not entirely unfounded. While Kara had been living as the undercover Kryptonian before circumstances forced her to reveal herself to the world as another superhero, so far the show has implied that Clark wasn’t too involved in Kara’s upbringing after dropping her off at the Danvers’ house when she was a young girl. We know that Kara will likely be a more assured and less doubtful Supergirl in season two–so maybe that will translate to being able to work out any tension between her cousin and her sister. We’ll find out how it all plays out once Supergirl premieres on October 10.

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