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Guy Beats Super Mario Bros. With A Dance Dance Pad

Add another thing to the long list of things we are not hardcore enough to do, for Nick Hagman is plowing his way through original NES titles with a Twist (ahaha, see what I did there?).  Beating Castlevania with only his feet was not enough, he had to go forward and conquer Super Mario Bros.

After a week and a half of effort and fifteen filmed “takes,” princesses were rescued, Bowsers were slain, and button B was pressed to select another world.

In solidarity with Mr. Hagman, we would like to mention that The Lion King is awesome, and that we might still have that Patch plush from 101 Dalmatians on a shelf in our closet somewhere. You know.  It’s not like we know exactly where.

If you’d like to see his Castlevania run, you can find a post with all the level videos here.

(via Joystiq.)

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