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Super Hero Bowl: The Trailers You Missed (or Didn’t) From Last Night’s Super Bowl

Super Bowl indeed.

We’ll start things off with the Captain America: Civil War spot because of emotions, but in a year packed with so many superhero movies, last night’s Super Bowl was predictably packed with their commercials. Whether you missed them or just need a second look, we’ve got you covered on the trailers and their varying levels of new footage.

That other superhero smackdown coming in 2016 also got some air time last night quite literally. There is no end in sight to the weird in-universe marketing campaign for Batman v Superman, and their pair of Turkish Airline (real thing) commercials introduce the two fair cities (pretend things) that our heroes call home:

Speaking of over-the-top marketing, there was also a new Deadpool trailer cut to be a little more generically action-oriented while still suggesting fourth wall-breaking and humor:

And one for Fox’s other Marvel property that you might have heard of:

The Ninja Turltes 2 spot gave us our first look at Krang on the big screen:

Finally—I know it’s not a superhero movie, but so what?—Independence Day: Resurgence made an appearance, as well:

It’s going to be a good year, nerds.

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