Suicide Squad Director David Ayer on “Thinking Three Movies Downrange”

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Between Batman v Superman, Suicide Squad, Wonder Woman, and the rest, Zack Snyder and David Ayer have a lot of advanced planning to keep in mind for the DC cinematic universe. The unspoken comparison between DC’s plans and Marvel’s past successes hangs over Snyder and Ayer’s recent quotes to USA Today. Snyder promises that the upcoming slew of DC movies are only “the cornerstone of the beginning,” so hopefully no one’s even close to getting sick of superheroes yet!

Snyder’s serving as a producer on Suicide Squad and Wonder Woman, and according to Squad director David Ayer, the movies will have a heck of a lot of interlocking elements. “It’s a little more than just dropping a cut scene in the end credits to link projects,” Ayer quipped, presumably referring to how Marvel operates. “You really have to be thinking three movies downrange and how today’s movie will impact more later-cycle projects.”

Sounds like that will translate into more small cameos rather than post-credits zingers. For example, we already know that after Wonder Woman has her “cameo” in Batman v Superman, she’ll go on to carry her own feature. Meanwhile, Ben Affleck’s Batman will appear in Suicide Squad, and Ayer didn’t pull any punches with the big guy:

We made him fight. [laughs] He’s awesome (as Batman)… You really sense that but for the grace of God he himself would be doing some really foul stuff out in the world.

Seems like Affleck’s Bats will be a little morally dubious, then? But that’s what Ayer prefers anyway, given that he’s helming a whole cast of antagonists in Squad:

We all need good guys and everything — yay, good guys — but at the end of the day, they’re kinda boring. They’re always going to do the right thing. When you’re dealing with the baddies, it’s easy to get ahead of the audience and invert expectations.

Affleck called Suicide Squad the “cool cousin” of Batman v Superman, explaining that the interconnected nature of the DC films really impressed him: “That was really exciting, because it started to feel like a constellation of things, and I’ve never had that feeling.”

As for the core cast, David Ayer promises that Jared Leto’s performance will crown him “the king of Planet Joker” — time will tell. We’re all a lot more interested in Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn around here, though, right?

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