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Netflix Celebrates Halloween With A Creepy Stranger Things “Archival Newsreel”

Netflix’s Stranger Things gets into the Halloween spirit (as if that show isn’t basically the embodiment of the Halloween spirit) with an “archival newsreel” from the local news station in Hawkins, Indiana.

The Netflix description on their YouTube channel reads, “You think you know the 80’s. But then an archival newsreel from 5 WIYZ Hawkins, Indiana is uncovered and you question everything. Like why is Brenda Wood’s hair so totally amazing? Or, whatever happened to that girl Barbara Holland? Just how many Eggos did Eleven eat? The world needs to know!” Indeed we do, which is why we’re all clamoring for Season Two of this show.

My favorite part has to be Barb described as “the kind of girl…who can really rock a pair of mom jeans, or as we call them now, jeans.” I’ve gotta say, sometimes Netflix is downright weird with their promotion  French Onion Barb, anyone? — but I do love how much fun they seem to be having with this show. I’m all about meta-humor making fun of the 1980s!

But seriously though, does Barb have parents? Like, why were zero people looking for her?

All the more reason to stay safe out there on this Halloween night, kids. Don’t let any monsters drag you into the Upside Down.

(featured image via screengrab)

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