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New Stranger Things 4 “Sneak Peek”: We Have to Wait for 2022!?

Millie Bobby Brown as Eleven in Stranger Things, being restrained by two men.

Netflix’s Stranger Things became a worldwide phenomenon after season 1 and has continued to tell us about our favorite kids from Hawkins trying to deal with their superhero friend and the Upside Down that they live on. As we head into season 4, though, there is a lot that needs to be figured out among these teens and the adults that sort of watch them.

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The last we saw of the kids of Stranger Things, they were coping with the “death” of Jim Hopper, and Eleven, Will, and the rest of the Byers family were moving away from Hawkins, Indiana. But as we knew from the end of season 3, Hopper wasn’t actually dead and had been captured by the Russians, and as we see in the new teaser for season 4, Hopper is bald and with a fun new jacket.

Every time these kids think that they’re free of the Upside Down, it pulls them back in, and that doesn’t seem any different in season 4, and honestly? Good, give me more of that. This show is brilliant because of its connection to ’80s nostalgia, like having Sean Astin and Cary Elwes in the show and having Robert Englund coming for season 4, but it is also that ’80s team-up vibe for an entirely new generation.

One of my favorite characters is Steve Harrington (played by Joe Keery), who went from a jerk who Nancy Wheeler was dating to the soccer mom of all these teenagers, making sure that they don’t get themselves killed. I would watch an entire show just about Steve going home each night and telling his parents about his 6 children and the shenanigans they got themselves into.

Season 4 is clearly going to show us how “the American,” a.k.a. Hopper, escapes from Russia.

Not the American scene from Stranger Things

I know I’m a fool, but I am still holding out hope that Alexei is still alive and staying with Hopper, to be honest. He was great in season 3, and the idea that he’s just dead still does not sit well with me.

Will we get to see Will Byers and Eleven back with Mike, Max, Dustin, Lucas, and the rest of their friends from Hawkins? Is this going to be like when Eleven went on her journey to “bitchin'” and she was separated from everyone for a long while, or will we get to see everyone together relatively quickly?

Whatever happens, we have Hopper coming back to us, and that’s exciting for me.

David Harbour as Jim Hopper in Stranger Things, shaking his head.


Stranger Things 4 is coming out in 2022. There’s still no set date, just the knowledge that it’s going to be 2022, and that means we still have at least 4 months to wait. I don’t know how I’m going to be able to wait that long. Maybe I’ll just keep rewatching the first three seasons over and over again to pass the time.

(image: Netflix)

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