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Can We Please Stop Trying to Leak All of Spider-Man: No Way Home?

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Right now, the internet is a frightening place for fans of Peter Parker, mainly because at any given point, we can have a movie spoiled for us that doesn’t even come out for another month. While “leaks” are sometimes not considered “spoilers,” it’s still annoying for those of us who don’t want the entire movie told to us prior to the release date.

Once again, there are images out there, purportedly from the production, that give away major details that are definitely spoilers. Go looking for them at your own risk. Sure, they could be fake, but the fact that there is a culture online that makes it so people feel the need to release them and be the one who leaked it is the problem.

Part of it comes from fans wanting a trailer or a poster or information, but it is more than that. It’s very much the “first” mentality that spoiled an important aspect of Eternals for fans. And now, these pictures are leaking from Spider-Man: No Way Home after the trailer was leaked the DAY before it was premiering, and so … let’s talk about why this all sucks.

The damage of leak culture

It sort of started back with Deadpool, if we’re being honest. The movie was “leaked” (probably by Ryan Reynolds) to get fans excited enough so they’d make noise and get the movie finished and released. A movie like Spider-Man: No Way Home does not need that kind of press, and yet here we are, constantly battling back and forth with leaks whether we like it or not.

I’ll admit that it is complicated because, on one hand, I like having some information so I can come up with theories and wonder where the movie is going to take me. But for whatever reason, it seems as if there are people out there determined to completely spoil all of No Way Home before anyone even gets to see a screening of it. And again, maybe they’re not spoiling anything but this real/fake leak culture surrounding this movie is dangerous because then it just fuels others to do the same thing.

Going back to what happened with Eternals, if we didn’t have that “first” mentality with these movies, that probably wouldn’t seem that big of a deal to instantly report, but instead, it became a “oh this is huge and I want the credit” instead of thinking about anyone actually wanting to see that in the theaters and enjoying it without knowing it was coming. We’ve now become a society where telling audiences what happens in a movie they can’t even watch yet first is more important than letting fans enjoy something.

So can we stop this leak culture? Please? Spider-Man: No Way Home is coming out in a little more than a month, and what if we all just relaxed for the next four weeks so we can enjoy the movie and not have every little thing spoiled about it? It is aggressive at this point.

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