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Stock Footage Accidentally Implies ‘What We Do in the Shadows’ Takes Place in … 2011?

Sometimes fun things can happen when stock footage comes into play. In the latest (disappointing) episode of FX’s What We Do in the Shadows, there was a moment that made me wonder: What year is this show set in?

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Spoilers for “Freddie.”

In the most recent episode of the vampire series, both Nandor and Guillermo go on dates in New York City with their “Freddie.” During this trip around New York, we see a bunch of images of Times Square, and one stuck out to me. When we see the area near the Steps on Broadway, there are billboards for Wicked, Phantom of the Opera, and … Camelot on Starz.

This stood out to me because I am one of the five people who watched Camelot, because of my then-crush on Eva Green. It was a gritty reimagining of the King Arthur mythology, in contrast to the more fun Merlin on the BBC. Oh yeah, and it aired and then was canceled in 2011 after only one season.

At first, I was confused by the billboard and thought that What We Do in the Shadows intentionally took place in the past and I somehow missed it, but my colleagues reassured me that the series takes place in our modern day—not to mention Colin Robinson’s iPad and Roblox in the Jersey Devil episode.

This was just a small gag that made me smile—especially because Camelot was such a non-impact show to pop culture, just seeing the billboard felt hilarious. Or maybe the series takes place in an alternate timeline where that show was actually a success and it got a second season with the same-looking billboard? Either way, it was a fun little gag for those who know that area of New York. Although, next time, I hope we get a Mamma Mia! poster cameo.

(image: Hulu/FX)

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