Pedro Pascal in an ad for Corona

This New Pedro Pascal Ad Turned Me Into a Beer Guy

Pedro Pascal can get you invested in anything. Just look at how many of his fans now have Lakers T-shirts or listen to Prince. It’s all part of his charm and talent. And now he’s attempting the impossible: He might turn me into a beer guy?

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Pedro Pascal is the new face of Corona Extra, starring in an ad directed by I, Tonya‘s Craig Gillespie. So really, an ad geared towards me despite the fact that I do not like beer! But if Pascal doesn’t make sitting on a beach with a cold Corona with a lime look good…

In a recent interview with GQ, Pascal talked about his upcoming film with Celine Song and what being a Corona ambassador means to him. “There is cultural significance as far as my Latino roots are concerned and my [own] understanding [of] being a Chilean growing up in the States and growing up bilingual,” Pascal said.

“[That was] my experience with every Latino community that is represented in the United States — I lived in Texas as a child in San Antonio, lived in southern California and then went to New York at 18 and spent my adult life mostly there—always an English and Spanish-speaking life. I love the expansiveness of just working with a very accessible beer and doing a campaign on its behalf in both English and in Spanish.”

In that same interview, Pascal confirms what he was drinking when he won a Screen Actors Guild award for his performance in The Last Of Us and admitted to a live audience that he was “a little drunk.” Surprise, it was a Corona. “I was having a little tequila and chasing it with a Corona,” he said. Relatable! Awards shows can be long and exhausting, might as well have some fun.

Pascal also tried to claim he wasn’t that drunk during his speech. “Yeah I had some tequila—which goes really well with a Corona chaser,” he said, adding, “And I wasn’t that drunk!” But he was the one who said as much in his speech! “I sobered up in the instant of winning,” Pascal said. “I think all the adrenaline pushed the sobriety into my system.”

Sir, please

I am not someone who likes the beach. I don’t like beer, either, and the idea of sitting by myself with just my thoughts while drinking one doesn’t appeal to me … usually. But then Pedro Pascal does an ad for Corona and suddenly I am second-guessing myself and whether or not that is my dream vacation.

That isn’t the case for Pascal, who told GQ that he is a beach boy. “I don’t want there to be any plans made, if that makes any sense,” he explained. “I just want to wake up and know that there’s nothing specific on the agenda, and then really just be with friends and be on the beach. I’m a beach boy, what can I say? I love the water, it calms me down and it holds all of my fondest memories and is such a perfect way to remember to let go.”

The ad does its job, clearly, because I suddenly have a desire to drink Corona and that’s the power of Pedro Pascal.

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