Steven Universe‘s Touching Campaign About Body Confidence

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Steven Universe has always been a series that showed a variety of body shapes, so it feels appropriate that the show is taking part in a campaign about competing and comparing looks.

The video comes from a campaign generated by Cartoon Network and Dove Self-Esteem Project, and while Dove’s body-positive campaign can sometimes be misguided and we try to be somewhat skeptical of feminism as a marketing too in generalSteven Universe is a show that has continuously pushed for positive messages and representation.

I feel like the way the video starts with a really common positivity campaign (two different body types being proud of themselves without considering the fact that one type is significantly more discriminated against), but then addresses Smoky Quartz’s self-doubt, instead of pretending it doesn’t exist, is lovely. The two then have this exchange as Sardonyx follows an upset Smoky to their dressing room:

Sardonyx: Smoky?
Smoky Quartz: I know this thing is about how we both have amazing bodies and stuff, but yours is obviously more amazing than mine.
S: But that’s not true! I know you look up to me.
SQ: Yeah! You’re 20 feet tall!
S: But you can do things I can’t do.
SQ: Like what?
S: Like fit into your dressing room.
[S and Q laugh]
SQ: Ok, ok. You win. Or, I guess, I win. Do you think there’s still time for my triple-handed yo-yo tricks?
S: I hope so. I’d hate to think comparing yourself to me might’ve hurt your chance for you to be you.

What did you think of the Steven Universe campaign?

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