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Steve Rogers, Luke Skywalker, & More Mock Donald Trump’s White House Fast Food Buffet

Big Macs for winners only!


Chris Evans as Steve Rogers/Captain America in Avengers: Infinity War

Donald Trump does some ridiculous things, and providing a buffet of McDonald’s for his guests just seems on par with his usual antics. The Clemson Tigers attended the White House for winning the NCAA and then were greeted by Trump and all the fast food you could want … at the White House.

Isn’t that your dream when you win a championship? To get to go to the White House and get served McDonald’s, something you can purchase yourself on a daily basis? Don’t worry, though! There were also other option, like Wendy’s…

In true Twitter fashion, everyone tore Trump apart, but none more than Captain America himself. Chris Evans has not let anyone forget that rich, tacky biff in the bizarro 1985 of Back to the Future Part II was based on Donald Trump.

But that’s not the only movie that, understandably, reminds him of this administration. He also brought Idiocracy into the mix, and good on him! That’s a great word for this administration.

Don’t worry, though. Chris Evans wasn’t the only hero to relate Donald Trump back to Biff. Mark Hamill, as in Luke Skywalker himself, brought the facts about Back to the Future.

It was a mess of a night because (a) these boys won a championship and had to then meet Trump, and (b) their big “meal” was just fast food that every college kid knows well.

The best part about it is that one of the players even pointed out that the team’s nutritionist was probably livid. You know, because they are ATHLETES being served FAST FOOD.

Because who, after winning a championship, wants to go to a fancy dinner with big candles and the president of the United States and eat a Big Mac that’s been sitting out?

Don’t worry though, Be Best is working great right? Clearly better than Let’s Move in this White House.

Sure, this is funny. There was a fancy silver holder serving McDonald’s sauces so we all want to laugh. But there has to be some end to all of this self-parody of the United States, right? Eventually?

(image: Marvel Entertainment)

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