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Stephen King Is All for a Black Gunslinger in The Dark Tower

Hile, gunslingers! To me!


Since Idris Elba was announced as the favorite to play Roland Deschain in the upcoming film adaptation of The Dark Tower, fans have been split over the potential casting, with some feeling that having a man of color play The Gunslinger will drastically change the power dynamics between Roland and his traveling companions, and dilute the series’ commentary on race relations in America. But Stephen King is all for a black Roland:

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Thankee-sai, Stephen.

Personally, I’m in the camp that having a black gunslinger will really improve on the commentary about race King was striving for (and, in my opinion, not always successful at) in the books. Moving forward, it’ll be really interesting to see who the film casts as Susannah.

Thoughts, gang?


(via Uproxx)

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