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Stephen Colbert Employs Only Acceptable Use of the Word “P***y” In Relation to Our President-Elect

Normally I’m not a fan of the word ‘pussy’ being used to denote weakness. After all, pussies can push out small people, bleed every month, and survive. Not exactly weaksauce. Meanwhile, you breathe on someone’s balls wrong, and it could send them crumpling to the floor in agony. And yet, just this once, I damn near stood up and cheered when it was used that way. Thank you, Stephen Colbert.

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On last night’s Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Colbert’s monologue was all about Trump preparing to take on the role of the Presidency, and how absolutely frightening many of those preparations are. Especially the fact that Omarosa, former contestant on the first season of The Apprentice, current Director of African-American Outreach (PS – Trump apparently did African-American outreach during his campaign), and future White House staffer is talking about Trump in a way more appropriate to a mob boss than the president of a nation. Saying things like:

“…it’s so great our enemies are making themselves clear so that when we get into the White House, we know where we stand…”


“I would never judge anybody for exercising their right to and he freedom to choose who they want. But let me just tell you, Mr. Trump has a long memory and we’re keeping a list.”


“Every critic, every detractor will have to bow down to President Trump. It’s everyone who’s ever doubted Donald, whoever disagreed, whoever challenged him. It is the ultimate revenge to become the most powerful man in the universe.”

Basically, our President-elect is surrounding himself with people who express themselves like movie villain henchmen. Awesome.

But in the above monologue, Colbert isn’t taking any of this lying down. The two and a half minutes are the best part. I don’t want to spoil it, but again, while I generally frown on use of the word ‘pussy’ used in the context of weakness, in this case it was pure, inspirational comedy perfection.

(via Pajiba, image via screencap)

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