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StarTalk Video Cosmic Queries Goes for Round 2 With Our Friends Bill Nye and Chuck Nice

Take a few minutes to learn something and laugh at some jokes.

Have a burning question about space, the Universe, or particle accelerators? Watch Part 2 of StarTalk’s video edition of “Cosmic Queries” with Our Friends Bill Nye and Chuck Nice.

Bill and Chuck tackle a wide swath of listener questions including what Bill thinks we should explore with the Large Hadron Collider, whether alien plants around red dwarfs could make use of photosynthesis, how to redirect Earth-bound asteroids, and more. They even talk about the gravitational attraction between the sexes, and Bill talks about dealing with climate change deniers and anti-vaccine advocates.

You can also get caught up on Part 1 if you missed it, or if you just want to go back and watch it again. We miss Neil deGrasse Tyson and everything, but Bill and Chuck are doing a great job carrying the show in his absence.

(via StarTalk)

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