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Watch the World’s First “Bow Tie Race” Against Our Friend Bill Nye!

Place your bets!

Bill Nye Glen Tickle Bow Tie Race

At SXSW this year we met up with Our Friend Bill Nye at GE’s Night of Invention to compete in what we believe is the world’s first competitive bow tie tying event. Watch it all right here.

And now, the well-dressed competitive event of the year: I challenged Bill to the world’s first speed bow tie tying competition. At least it’s the first we know of. If there’s a secret underground bow tie tying league consider me on board.

Bill’s of course famous for his bow ties, but I’m no neckwear chump. I went into this thing pretty confident. How’d it play out? Watch for yourself:

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If you’re going to lose. Lose to the best.

Besides smoking me in an arguably pointless game I made up, Bill was also kind enough to answer a few reader questions. We’ll have those up for you Monday morning when you can see Bill talk about his favorite science, space probes, a frosted-flake-powered car, and how you can change the world!

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