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Our Friend Bill Nye Answers Reader Questions About Invention and Friendship

Bonus: Watch clips from the live episode of StarTalk Radio Bill hosted at SXSW!

Bill Nye Answers Reader Questions

At SXSW this year we met up with Our Friend Bill Nye to challenge him to a bow tie race and have him answer some reader questions. What’s his favorite science? What would he invent if he could invent anything? Why do we insist on calling him “Our Friend Bill Nye”? All that and more will be revealed!

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Here’s a playlist of all our SXSW exploits with Bill including our historic bow tie race, and his answers to all our reader questions.

I also got to sit in on a recent taping of two episodes of StarTalk’s Cosmic Queries featuring Bill and comedian Chuck Nice. I’m not sure when those episodes will be live, but we’ll be sure to share the video with you. They were great episodes and Bill and Chuck tackled a lot of interesting subjects.

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