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Would You Like To Help Kickstart Stargate Universe Season 3? Do You Have $50 Million?

Not a Misprint

Well that’s a lofty goal if ever I saw one. Too bad Syfy isn’t the one putting it together. 

Let me first say, I’ve never watched any of the Stargate television series, only the film, so this is not something I’ll be funding. But are fans that passionate?

Stargate Universe was cancelled by Syfy back in 2011 after two seasons. Craig Engler, Senior Vice President, said in an open letter, “Because Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis had performed so well for us in the past, we felt confident about SGU and committed to a two-season deal for it, as long as the show met certain milestones along the way.”

But it didn’t.

The ratings just weren’t there but that doesn’t mean the show didn’t have lots of fans. And now one of those fans, Jonathan Annett, is trying to use Kickstarter to fund a third season.

I foresee a few problems. Annett writes:

Rather than attempt to contact the rights holders and suggest they run a campaign, I decided to take it to the fans. We get the money together, we take a big fat cheque to those concerned, and we let that money talk. My role in the project will firstly be to get the parties in a room and work out a deal, including ensuring all backers rewards as offered can be met by these agreements. After this I will ensure the rewards offered to all backers are met, until the completion of the project.

No, sadly, that is not how these things work. Although try fans might. Not to mention stars Robert Carlyle and Ming-Na are currently busy with two other television series, Once Upon a Time and Agents of SHIELD, respectively.

While the Veronica Mars movie blew everyone away by its success, those who created it were the ones trying to fund it. They also had a modest goal for a movie. Currently, Annett’s Kickstarter has $4,226 (in Australian dollars) of the $50,000,000 goal, with 50 days to go.

It could be Annett’s goal to simply get Syfy’s attention for another season rather than actually attaining that large goal but either way, with 50 days to go in the campaign, something tells me he’ll be hearing from the network regardless.

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