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Recover From The Long Weekend With Weird Science From SciShow [Video]

Yes, we know it was only a long weekend here in the United States, but we hope our international readers had nice, long, relaxing weekends as well.


Wow, does your brian need a jump start today, too? It’s the Monday morning after a long weekend, so you can probably be forgiven if you’re having a little trouble getting immediately into “functioning human being” mode today. To smooth that transition, we offer the latest episode of SciShow, which takes a look at blue octopus blood, human cholera resistance, and how starfish see when they have eyes, but no brain. For our money, a little bit of weird science is the perfect thing to help transition your brain back to a place where it has to know more than just when to flip a burger, so check this out before you do anything important this morning. After all, forcing your brain into high gear before it’s warmed up is just asking for trouble.

(via SciShow)

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