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‘Starfield’ Is Finally Preparing for Liftoff

Official box art for Bethesda's Starfield

2023 may be the year of the Rabbit, but will it also be the year we finally get a new Bethesda game? It certainly seems that way! After being fairly coy about its development, Bethesda finally seems ready to give us its newest IP, Starfield: a space-faring RPG which promises a fair amount of depth.

Now, while I’m only just getting into my spaceboy era, I gotta admit, I’m curious to see what babygirl Todd Howard has in store for us. While Bethesda titles are notoriously janky, they’re also popular for several very good reasons. Bethesda games are dedicated to exploration and immersion, and while sometimes they get lost in the sauce of their own delusions of grandeur, people ultimately keep coming back to them because they’re just so damn fun. And after so many years of hibernation and incubation, I’m really and truly curious to see what this new chapter in their work will look like.

Updated March 8, 2023

Starfield release date

In the trailer above, we finally get our release date! Starfield will be fully prepared for launch on September 6, 2023, which puts it right in the same timeframe as the release of Baldur’s Gate 3. This does not bode well for my social life. I should start planning my summer around as many crop-top bar-hopping experiences as I can …

Starfield trailers and gameplay reveals

Sit back and relax, babes, we’ve got a few interesting videos to go through here:

I mean, it certainly looks like a video game! Several video games, really. It’s like the love child of a throuple between Cyberpunk 2077, No Man’s Sky, and The Outer Worlds. What I find interesting is a notable lack of aliens … which is a bold move, making a space game that has a heavily industrial aesthetic while also depriving us of aliens. Then again, I was never a diehard alien-fucker myself, but I’ll pour one out for the many Mass Effect fans who are.

The graphics seem a little goofy, honestly. I can’t tell whether the faces are good or not, but the character creation in general looks absolutely sick. The ship customization modules are also really compelling, from building your ship to filling it with a crew. It seems like Bethesda really honed in on specific elements of a spacefaring title, instead of going for a more general approach, and I think that should ultimately bode well for the game as a whole.

And then, of course, the space travel … Jesus H. Christ, it looks sick. It reminds me of Star Wars Battlefront on the PS2, where I’d often just screw around in space and forget about whatever mission I was doing. An open-world Bethesda game in outer space … goddamn, my social life is gonna tank.

What do you think of Starfield so far? Are you definitely going to play it, or are you still on the fence? Let us know in the comments!

(featured image: Bethesda)

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