StarCraft II Commercial Leaked Early [Videos]

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The wait for the new StarCraft II ad was supposed to last until tonight during the fourth game of the NBA finals (an odd event to choose for a gamer phenomenon), but apparently not even the people at Blizzard could stand the anticipation, as the trailer is now available on YouTube, and thus also available below. Things look to be epic, and while the new ad doesn’t offer much in the way of gameplay innovation, it promises to up the intensity and the graphics exponentially from the first game. And yes, I know that exponentially doesn’t work with only two points, but that’s how awesome it should be. It defies logic.

Without further ado:

We can’t wait to get our hands on this game, for which the release date has really snuck up on all of us. The return of the zerglings is imminent, and soon I can return to my inane practice of only playing Protoss and doing everything solely for the purpose of generating Dark Templars.


(Via Escapist)

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