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Bad Robot Tweeted the First Star Wars: Episode VII Production Photo, This Is Happening

R2-D2! We're suddenly finding it very difficult to focus.


J.J. Abrams’ production company, Bad Robot, just tweeted the first production photo from Star Wars: Episode VII, and it’s R2-D2! Have we told you how excited we are for Episode VII now that Empire Strikes Back writer Lawrence Kasdan is on board? Or because the original Star Wars cast is involved? Because we are excited. Like, an unhealthy amount of excited.

This caught us by surprise, because the film is still really early in production, but we’re happy to see anything, especially R2. We’re also really happy about how Abrams looks like a nervous fanboy in the photo (in a good way, like he really wants to make us all happy). Oh, and did we mention we’re excited for this movie?

(via Bad Robot on Twitter)

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