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‘Star Wars: The Bad Batch’ Is Gearing Up for Its Final Mission in Season 3

Members of Clone Troop 99, aka The Bad Batch

THE CLONES ARE COMING!!! The Bad Batch season 3 is upon us! Listen, if you don’t wanna get Order 66’d, you better vamoose if you know what’s good for you! If there’s one thing clones love it’s WAR, and they’re REALLY GOOD AT IT.

Well … they were … but now they’re just a shell of who they used to be.

What is The Bad Batch about?

In case you weren’t already familiar with the plot of The Bad Batch (why are you reading this, go watch it), the animated Star Wars series is about a small group of clones who are “defective.” While they were born (or created) with genetic mutations that made them superior soldiers, these mutations also made them able to resist the Order 66 directive. As a result, many of them didn’t take part in the slaughter of Jedi across the Galaxy. This cadre of clones is the only group in the entire military of the Empire that was not brainwashed into serving Palpatine, and now they are questioning whether or not they wish to continue their service. Some clones are tempted to stay, as a life in the Empire’s war is all they have ever known, but they soon decide to abandon the Empire after realizing that they were always meant to be disposable tools.

Now they are on the run, the last group of clones facing a Galactic army that is being slowly replaced by regular human conscripts. Oh, how times change.

Omg, so cool. When does The Bad Batch season 3 come out?

According to the official Star Wars website, The Bad Batch season 3 has been confirmed to be in development and will arrive on Disney+ in 2024. Season 3 will also be the final season of the series, so prepare yourselves, young padawans. And it all rests on the shoulders of one man: Dee Bradley Barker.

Barker is a renowned voice acting veteran. He voiced Appa AND Momo on Avatar: The Last Airbender and has been quietly bodying role after role since the mid ’90s. This guy was Perry the Platypus on Phineas and Ferb for crying out loud! While most of his career has been voicing animals and side characters, The Bad Batch truly lets this man’s talent off the leash.

He voices every. single. clone.

This man rocks up to the studio and does entire group scenes WITH HIMSELF. He has the impossible job of voicing a group of men who are genetically identical yet personally unique. Each one of his clones is a separate character with a slightly distinctive voice that is different from his gaggle of twin brothers yet can still be recognized as a clone. It’s a nigh impossible feat. A triumph of voice acting. Dee Bradley Barker is a voice god among men.

What happened at the end of The Bad Batch season 2 again?


The Bad Batch clone family was sundered (perhaps for good) with the tragic death of Tech. Now listen, we never saw a body so there is a slim chance that Tech could still be alive. But it’s more likely that we haven’t been shown a body because this show is for kids and the show runners don’t want to traumatize them (or us, for that matter). Tech died for his family as his final act in the line of duty, but that’s how our boy would have wanted it.

Then again, Darth Maul was cut in half before falling to his “death” and it turns out that he was peachy keen (so to speak), living in a trash hole plotting his revenge on Obi-Wan Kenobi. Maybe Tech will come back as a cyborg too? Here’s hoping.

Is there a trailer for The Bad Batch season 3?

Yes, but not for the likes of you. A brief sizzle reel for season 3 was shown to audiences at Star Wars Celebration 2023, but it is not available online. BUT we did manage to drum up a description! The trailer shows Hunter and Wrecker headed out to find Omega, who is being held captive on Mount Tantiss as part of the Empire’s devious plans. Crosshair is stuck with her, reeling from the role he played in the demise of the Batch. We don’t know how the Empire intends to use the pair, but we do know that the ramifications of the Emperor’s plans have lasting effects on the Galaxy, and affect the plot of The Mandalorian and even The Rise of Skywalker!

(featured image: Disney+)

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