‘Star Wars: The Bad Batch’ Members Ranked Worst to Best

Who's your favorite Bad Batch member?

Bad Batch fans, Season 2 is in full swing. Created by none other than Dave Feloni, the show has been extremely successful since the first season dropped.

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If you enjoyed The Clone Wars, you will love The Bad Batch. With the same animation style, it makes Clone Wars fans feel at home. The Bad Batch team members popped up in season seven of Clone Wars and the group of altered clones work on missions that the other clones cannot. Their personalities make each of them extremely loveable (or hateable) and fans of the show all have their own opinions on which The Bad Batch members are their favorite.

Each of The Bad Batch members is an altered clone of Jango Fett, but they are all extremely unique in these alterations. Think of them like the Breakfast Club of Star Wars: the outcasts, the misfits. Somehow each of their alterations can be used to benefit the whole, and they make quite the team altogether. That said, here is our list of every The Bad Batch member, ranked.

6. Echo

Echo saluting in 'The Bad Batch'

Echo is a familiar face for TCW fans, which is part of what makes him so special. Echo may have previously died and been “repurposed” but that’s what pulls at the heart strings—it’s nice that Echo gets to come back and find a new family throughout The Bad Batch.

5. Crosshair

Crosshair in 'The Bad Batch'

Crosshair is both within The Bad Batch and without. When his inhibitor chip is activated, Crosshair loses control of his own actions, which weighs down the other team members. Some may consider Crosshair not to be a team member anymore, but he is certainly worth mentioning because of the aftermath he leaves behind.

4. Tech

Tech in 'The Bad Batch'

Every squad needs a “guy in the chair” and Tech is that guy. True to his nickname, Tech is the guy the team goes to when they need something fixed or analyzed, making him a pivitol part of the team. Tech may just be the reason that The Bad Batch actually pulls things off.

3. Omega


Omega is arguably the glue that holds The Bad Batch together. She is a small child they discovered on Kamino, after she stowed away with them to escape the shackles of her own life. However, before they could take her back home, Order 66 happened. Omega inserted herself into the team and softens the energy of the other members.

2. Hunter

Hunter in 'The Bad Batch'

Hunter is the leader of the pack, and fans love him for it. Hunter has great instincts and wort him! ks to solve the problems among the group, while still being productive towards the mission. Hunter is anatural born warrior and leader, which the team desperately needs. Couldn’t do it without him!

1. Wrecker

Wrecker in 'The Bad Batch'

Wrecker strikes fans as a big bully with a hard outer shell, but he’s actually a big ole softie. This character trait is what puts Wrecker at the top of the list. Through his interactions with the team to Omega, fans see his softness and empathize with his experience. Wrecker’s character development is key to why he’s the best and brings the team together in a genuine way.

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