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Star Wars: The Bad Batch Brings Us More Good Space Dads

Why do the men of Star Wars keep trying to give away the kids they are about?

Hunter smiling at Omega on Disney+'s Star Wars: The Bad Batch.

**Spoilers for the second episode of Star Wars: The Bad Batch lie within.**

Omega is a character I instantly liked during the pilot of Star Wars: The Bad Batch. She’s brave, she knew what needed to be done to help the Bad Batch, and she willingly left the only life she’d known to go with them. So this week’s episode, titled “Cut and Run,” featured Omega trying to find her place with Hunter, Wrecker, Echo, and Tech.

The team ends up on a planet where they meet up with their old contacts. There, Cut and Suu welcome the Batch into their home, and Suu asks about Omega. Throughout the episode, she ends up hanging out with Cut and Suu’s children, and Hunter starts to realize that Omega needs a life and something more stable than what the Batch can give her.

In true “I’m a gruff Star Wars man” fashion, Hunter convinces Cut and Suu to take Omega with them when they get passage onto a ship to get off the planet. But Omega is one of them, after all, so she doesn’t go with them, escaping from Cut and Suu and running back to Hunter, Echo, Tech, and Wrecker.

So what does this mean for Omega and her four dads? Well, probably that she is going to do whatever it takes to stay with them. My favorite trend in Star Wars is these men who just end up being in charge of children. It really started back with Han Solo being thrust together with Luke Skywalker, and it’s continued on through the animated world, as well as in shows like The Mandalorian. It’s just always someone who needs their help, a grumpy older man, and this constant need for the man to think he’s “not good enough” to take care of them. I love it.

With Omega, it took Hunter this entire episode to recognize that she’s not a soldier, but that doesn’t mean she can’t hold her own. When they’re trying to get Cut and his family chain codes (a new Galactic Empire policy), it’s Omega who runs to them just in the nick of time. It’s Omega who, essentially, saves the day and brings them Tech’s work.

And still, Hunter is too worried about her life on a ship with him and the rest of the Bad Batch, so he tries to send her away. But like all Star Wars kids, it doesn’t work. She runs back to the ship and runs back to Hunter, Wrecker, Echo, and Tech and tells Hunter that this is where she wants to be.

What I really liked about this episode too was that Hunter didn’t second guess her after that moment. He accepted that she wanted to be with them and let it happen. More often than not, with situations like the one Omega has found herself in, the older man thinks he knows what is best. But Hunter is willing to listen to Omega when she comes back to them, and it was nice to not see him shut her down.

I can’t wait to see what happens with Omega and the rest of the Bad Batch next!

(image: Lucasfilm)

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