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The Cutest ‘Star Wars’ Tattoos This Side of Tatooine

Luke Skywalker walks across Tatooine as the twin suns set

If you’re a devoted fan of the Star Wars franchise, you probably have considered getting a lightsaber tattoo at some point. Star Wars tattoos have become pretty common and as a result, can be considered a little basic. At this point, you might even think some Star Wars tattoos are corny!

Never fear, we have compiled some of the most unique Star Wars tattoos for you to consider. These tattoos will not be as common and surely will have one that fits your personality. This way all you will have to really stress over is the placement of your new, cute little ink-friend.

May the Force be with you.

For the Flower Child

So you want a lightsaber tattoo but want to spice things up? This floral Star Wars tattoo design is super cute and gives a softer edge to a design featuring a couple of weapons. This tattoo would be perfect for an arm or leg, and definitely has its own personality for the right fanatic.

Lego Star Wars fan?

Is this not the cutest Lego Star Wars tattoo you have ever seen? If you’re a fan of the game and the franchise, this is such a unique tattoo that also meshes with multiple sides of the series. Plus it’s adorable!

The Falcon

There are lots of Millennium Falcon tattoos, but this one will set you apart from the crowd. This tattoo is very minimalist and could be done in any size and pretty much any placement. The added stars and “may the Force be with you” make it very unique.

Tiny tattoos

Minimalist, tiny tattoos are super in-style these days. If you’re looking for something small and easy (and cheaper, too) these are some of the most adorable Star Wars options. You could place these tiny Star Wars character tattoos just about anywhere and each one has its own vibe.

We had to

Rounding out the Star Wars tattoo list is, of course, a Tatooine tat. Hear us out: these are super cute and would look great on an arm. Star Wars fans and even non-fans will most likely ask you about it, which creates an anecdote for you to always have on hand. Win-win!

(featured image: Lucasfilm)

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