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Star Wars: Episode VIII On-Set Photos: Landspeeders, Aliens and … Tuxedos?

A couple of intrepid Star Wars fans have revealed the results of their spying on the set of Star Wars: Episode VIII, and the photos they’ve shared look … surprising. Why are all of these characters wearing cummerbunds and formal black cloaks? The two people getting into the landspeeder in the third photo above are even wearing white gloves, as though they’re about to attend an opera, or perhaps a shadow-cast of Interview with the Vampire. Here’s another round of images, featuring even more new characters bedecked in black tie formal wear.

The second collection of photos looks a little less perplexing and more like the world of Star Wars … well, kinda. Admittedly, the landspeeder looks a lot like some other sci-fi cars that we’ve seen before. But mostly it just looks like a normal car, and not like a landspeeder at all (the fact that there’s an obvious Earthling SUV in one of the landspeeder photos certainly doesn’t help matters). Maybe those guys in tuxedos aren’t actually part of Star Wars, they’re just two dudes with a futuristic car who showed up to check out the movie set. Seems about as good a guess as anything else.

What do you think about all these tuxedo-clad aliens?

(via io9, images via Twitter)

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