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Star Wars: Episode VIII Character Descriptions Tell us What Benicio del Toro, Laura Dern, & Kelly Marie Tran Will Be Like


If you are determined to avoid any and all Star Wars: Episode VIII details, lest any of them potentially be construed as a spoiler, then I wish you good luck and bid you leave this post behind. As for the rest of you, here’s what we know so far about the characters that Benicio del Toro, Laura Dern and Kelly Marie Tran will take on in Episode VIII.

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The details in question come from Making Star Wars, and it’s all from anonymous insiders, so take it all in with the usual salt grain. First up: Benicio del Toro’s character has been described as a “man in black,” and that he might be a bad guy, although our heroes don’t necessarily see him as one. So, perhaps he’s going to betray them, or perhaps he’s just a morally gray character with complicated motivations, or [mystery third option].

Next up: the incomparable Laura Dern! Her character is described as “very aristocratic and fancy,” and “unique” within the world of Star Wars. Apparently, she’s going to have pink hair, which I predict will look amazing on her. Here’s my own personal theory about Dern’s character: I bet she’ll have something to do with the tuxedo-clad aliens that we saw in this photo leaked from the set, several months back. Or I could be totally wrong and she’s a Senator or something.

Last but certainly not least, there’s Kelly Marie Tran’s character, who John Boyega described as Star Wars‘ “new lead.” Fans have speculated that perhaps her character will be a love interest for Boyega’s character Finn, but Making Star Wars confirms nothing on that score yet. The site does promise further details soon about how Tran’s character “ends up tangled up with Finn in their shared story,” and goes on to say, “she’s just very normal looking, but her situation is supposedly really cool.”

So! Kelly Marie Tran as an everywoman type and a “new lead” who gets “tangled up” with Finn? Sounds super fun–Finn will need another character with whom to bounce witticisms, since Rey will probably be swept up in Jedi training. Can’t wait to see what she, and the rest of these new characters, end up getting to do!

(via /Film, image via CinemaBlend)

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