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‘Andor’ Series Creator Warns That It Makes Cassian’s ‘Rogue One’ Death Sadder

Great I'll need MORE tissues.

Felicity Jones as Jyn Erso and Diego Luna as Cassian Andor in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, awaiting their death at the hands of the Death Star.

One of the only character deaths in Star Wars to fully break me was that of Cassian Andor in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. The character, played by Diego Luna, had been in the fight against the Empire since he was a child, and just when the fighting was turning in the favor of the Rebel Alliance—right as Leia, Luke, and Han join the fight together—he died to get the Death Star plans to the rebels. And so, when news broke that Cassian was getting his own Disney+ series with Andor, there was hope that we’d get to see him thriving and alive once more.

And we will, with 2 seasons of the series ordered at Disney+. But it also is, apparently, leading us to despair and pain once more, because all of this series will just lead to his death having even more emotional weight—meaning I’ll just be a wreck again?!

At the Television Critics Association 2022 summer press tour panel for Andor, series creator and writer Tony Gilroy said that the two seasons of the series (which currently total 24 episodes) will catch us up to Cassian in Rogue One, and each of his scenes in the movie will have a “deeper significance,” making his death even sadder. Great!

Now, if you’re not one to rewatch Rogue One: A Star Wars Story frequently just to cause yourself more distress (like I am), you might not recall how absolutely devastating the end of that movie is. Trust me, it’s one that will leave you just sitting somewhere and contemplating why you did this to yourself.

Cassian Andor, bringer of pain

In Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, we saw as the rebels fought against the Empire by going to Scarif to steal the plans for the Death Star. They were successful, but at what cost? We fell in love with all these characters just to watch them die trying to get the plans off the planet? We had to watch as they’re successful, only to have the Death Star they’re trying to destroy kill them before they have the chance to leave?

It already has an emotional weight to it, and even seeing Cassian Andor in trailers for Andor has been an emotional journey for me, so having Tony Gilroy say that the series is going to make those emotions even worse? Pray for me, my tear ducts, and my wallet, due to the amount of tissues I’m going to have to buy. It’s going to be a lot.

Pair that with just the motional weight of the Rebellion at this stage in the Star Wars world, and there’s a lot for fans to look forward to with Andor—and also, apparently, a lot to cry over.

Andor has moved to a September release date, but that doesn’t mean we’re not still excited for the series. Having Diego Luna back in the world of Star Wars is so incredibly wonderful, and he clearly loves being a part of this franchise, and if it means I have to be even sadder about Cassian Andor in the long run, so be it. At least I will have Andor to come back to and cry over now too.

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