Star Wars: Detours Full of Nerd Jokes, Weirdly Dwarfed Characters

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There is a new thing happening with Star Wars, and it looks kind of good for a change? Seth Green’s newest enterprise with Cartoon Network is Star Wars: Detours — a look at what all the universe’s most beloved characters are up to when they are not freezing one another in carbonite and force-choking everyone.

As it turns out, their lives outside of those antics are pretty humorous and sort of adorable. We’ve seen this sort of thing before in Green’s Robot Chicken take on the Star Wars U, but Robot Chicken this ain’t — Detours will be a primetime, family friendly show. We’re willing to give it a shot, because hey, what else are we going to do with our lives? Today especially, the tease makes a good counterpoint to the recent Star Wars 1313 trailer, which looks to be grittier than a Rancor’s digestive tract. We assume that to be a pretty gritty tract.

(via io9)

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