Check out all the Star Wars Video Game Discounts for Star Wars Day

Check out Star Wars Video Game Discounts for Star Wars Day

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Yes, it’s Star Wars day again! We’ll surely have more Star Wars news to bring you throughout the day, but what better way to celebrate the occasion than by playing some Star Wars video games? Odds are (3720 to 1) that you Star Wars fans already own some—or all—of these, but if you’ve been holding off due to a lack of galactic credits, today’s the day!

Steam, of course, has the most with a huge list of Star Wars titles both old and new to choose from, many at 50–75% off. You can find them listed here. PlayStation 4 owners also have a decent selection, with the recent Star Wars Battlefront at half price along with a handful of older titles to check out. PS3 owners can also get in on the action with The Force Unleashed at 75% off (just $4.99) and a PS1 and PS2 game you can find on the full list over at the PlayStation Blog.

GOG also has a few different Star Wars options front and center on their main page today with similar titles to what you’ll find on Steam grouped together with bundle pricing. Microsoft’s offerings, on the other hand, are a bit lackluster, with $5 of credit offered for buying The Force Awakens or playing Battlefront today. The Force is not strong with that one, but it’s better than nothing, I guess. (Update: Whoops! Microsoft also has other deals, including Battlefront for $25.)

Mobile app stores from Google and Apple are also worth checking out, with both offering deals today, as well. May the fourth be with you.

Update: A Disney representative reached out to us to highlight the following deals:

  • Disney’s Star Wars: Commander, EA’s Galaxy of Heroes, Kabam’s Star Wars Uprising, and Topps Star Wars Card Trader are giving fans up to 25% bonus when players purchase premium currency
  • ZEN Studios’ Star Wars Pinball is now free on the Apple App Store and $0.99 on Google Play and the Amazon Appstore. They are also offering up to 50% off in-game purchases
  • Konami’s Force Collection has up to 65% off in-game premium currency
  • Bad Robot’s Action Movie FX is giving fans 30% six premium Star Wars FX.
  • Aspyr Media Inc has dropped Knights of the Old Republic down from $9.99 to $2.99

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