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Every Episode from Every Star Trek Series Coming to Netflix

Starting in July, Netflix will begin carrying every series of the venerable sci-fi series Star Trek. Yes, you read that right: Every episode, from every series. The deal between CBS and Netflix is a landmark for the franchise, with Star Trek (The original series), Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Voyager, and Star Trek: Enterprise available for streaming starting on July 1st. Star Trek: Deep Space Nine will begin streaming on October 1st.

The two-year deal, with an option for two more years, will be the first time that many of the series are available digitally, and commercial free. For fans of the series, it can’t come quickly enough as Netflix has been bereft of all the original Star Trek films for some time.

But careful observers will note that this isn’t actually every series; Star Trek: the Animated Series is nowhere to be seen. You’ll have to go elsewhere to see that.

(Trekmovie via TekGoblin)

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